One of the reasons ForestersTM is one of our primary life insurance providers is because of its focus on helping you and your family get more out of life.

Foresters believes that family is about being there for each other. And that's why they're there for their members and their families.

Many of our clients are curious about what I call "The Foresters Difference". Here are some things that may help you understand why Foresters is a different kind of life insurance provider.

What makes Foresters different?

Foresters is an international financial services provider with a difference. They are not driven by the demands of outside investors. Instead, they are a membership-based fraternal benefits organization. They invest in their members, their members' families and communities.

What does it mean to be a Foresters member?

Foresters doesn't just provide life insurance, they deliver a whole range of member benefits1. And many of them are complimentary. Members and their families may be eligible to apply for Competitive Scholarships, Orphan Benefits, Emergency Assistance, Fun Family Events, and volunteer opportunities. It's all part of how Foresters enriches the lives of its members, their families and their communities.

What kind of insurance protection do you offer through Foresters?

Foresters provides the affordable and straightforward products that give you the confidence that you've provided financial security for those you love.

Term Life Insurance
Basic, affordable protection for a specified period of time. Can be used to help your family pay off a mortgage or other debts in the event of your death.
Universal Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance combining lifetime protection to age 121 with the potential of tax-deferred cash value accumulation. Has the flexibility to adjust coverage as your needs change. Can be used to plan for retirement, save for children's education or preserve your estate.
Whole Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance that can be used for a variety of needs, such as estate and final expense planning. Some plans may also pay dividends that can be used to purchase extra coverage, left to accumulate with interest, reduce your premiums or may be taken in cash.

When you consider all the many benefits that Foresters makes available to you, you'll find that over the course of a lifetime, Foresters delivers significant value that goes well beyond life insurance.

Okay, I'm interested. How do I find out more?

We'd be glad to set up an appointment with you to review the protection needs that you and your family may have. Just close this window and come back to our website for our contact information.

While you're waiting for an appointment, you can find out more about Foresters by reading their For getting more out life brochure. Or, you can check out Foresters website at

ForestersTM is the trade name and a trademark of The Independent Order of Foresters, a fraternal benefit society, 789 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Canada M3C 1T9; its subsidiaries are licensed to use this mark.

1 Foresters member benefits are non-contractual, subject to eligibility requirements and limitations and may be changed or cancelled without notice. Third parties administer Legal Link, Everyday Money and Foresters Competitive Scholarships.

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